Monday, 9 September 2019

Help! What do we wear for family photos??

With fall just around the corner, so many of my amazing clients are preparing for their annual family photo sessions!  I get this question more often than any other as Moms and Dads are preparing for their family photo session: "WHAT SHOULD WE WEAR??!" I figured it was finally time to create a quick blog post to help you decide what you and your kids should wear for your family photos!

I've narrowed it down to 3 quick tips to help you and I even created an easy acronym to help (Can you tell I used to be a teacher?!) Just remember - you C-A-N do this!

C is for "Colour" - choose ONE colour as the primary focus for your photos.  Many families will choose blue because almost everybody has a pair of jeans or something blue but it can be almost any colour.  The reason we want to stick to one colour is because if there are too many colours it is distracting to the eye.  

Take a look at this next photo - there are 36 people in this photo but it is not overwhelming to look at because everyone is so well-coordinated.  Notice that they are not all wearing the exact same thing (i.e. black tops, jean bottoms) but rather, each person has chosen some form of white, black, blue, jean, etc.  By choosing one primary colour, everyone is free to decide what they want to wear but you don't risk someone showing up with bright purple pants on, as that can become a major distraction in the photo. 

Next is the "A" which stands for "Accent". Once you've decided on your primary focus colour, you want to find a few clothing items that have that colour and intermixed them among the people who will be in your photo.  It is my job to pose you in such a way that we spread out the colour so don't worry if two people are dressed really similarly, or vice versa. I'll select a pose that spreads out the accent colour evenly. Here are a few photos showing accent items to give you some ideas!  Some of my favourite spots to add a pop of colour are: scarves, hats, headbands, bows, bracelets, necklaces.

Lastly, the "N" is for "neutrals".  Once you have your one colour chosen, then make sure the rest of your clothes are "neutral". I define neutrals as black, white, grey, khaki, or jean. Notice that not everyone in the family has to have colour at all, a few pops of colour go a long way, and even sticking with all neutrals can look lovely as well! 

I hope that was helpful! Just remember - Colour, Accent, Neutrals! You CAN do it!

Remember that we want the focus of the photos to be on your faces, so please do not get all stressed out and buy an entire new wardrobe for your whole family!! I want this day to be as easy, fun, and stress-free as possible!  Try your best to follow these tips and leave the rest to me! :)

If you are still hoping to book a Fall family session, September is completely booked and there are only a few slots left in October! Please email me at or call/text 705 279 2765 to book your family session! Thanks for following along and I hope you found this helpful!